How My Productivity System Changed My Life

Photo Credit: 2H Media

If you’ve read my previous posts about my productivity addiction you’ll know I’ve finally found a system that works for me, and it doesn’t involve sacrificing any of the things I love to do or working 70 hours a week to get everything done.

The first thing I’ll say is simplifying every piece of my system removed any friction when starting a new project. I’m no longer wasting time organizing every little detail in Notion or writing mile long to do lists, now I can immediately find my flow state and get into my work. The second benefit I’ve received from this journey is the ability to see what’s actually important when starting a new project. When I was stuck with the need to always be busy I really ended up just filling my time up with busy work; now that I’m limiting my daily time for each project I find myself focusing on the creating the big picture rather than worrying about every tiny detail. I like to call that “not letting perfection get in the way of good enough”.

The most important benefit I’ve received through this journey of breaking my productivity addiction is the understanding it’s ok to unplug from work and enjoy my life. Call me crazy, but I actually block out time in my calendar for my favorite things: reading, spending time with my friends, hockey, and video games.



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